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Insights On India Mock Test – 2 Update and Discussion Page(Tomorrow’s Test)

(This is a Paid test series. If interested, enroll here. You will get all the tests)


As updated earlier, Second Mock Test would be sent to you via email around 5 pm tomorrow (Saturday, 18th January).

Last time we had carefully sent everyone but some people could not locate them in their email inbox.

Screenshot – 1


Screenshot – 2


If you are using Gmail, please look for the mail under ‘Promotions’ tab (see above)

Or best, search for ‘Insights Mock’ in the search bar provided in gmail account.

Still if you don’t see, please mail us at insights.exams at gmail dot com, we will immediately send you the test (last time we regret not responding immediately).

We have maintained the quality for this test too and hope you will enjoy the test. All the best.

Syllabus and book list has already been posted here for the next test:

Click here t see it.

After the test you may discuss the questions on this page itself. Thank you.