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MOTIVATION- What is Focus?

                                         Rishave Verma

                      Live as if your life depends on it.

                                                                        (Werner Erhard)

Tom was once invited to attend a Hawaiian party. While entering the party venue, he noticed a long line of shoes and loafers at the entrance. At the party, Tom met a Tai Chi master. He asked the master, “Why do these people leave their shoes outside”? The master replied “It’s because they want everyone to come inside with a focused mind and enjoy the party to its core.” Tom asked again “How so?” The master replied “Go to that entrance and survey all the shoes. Those lined neatly, will be of people with highly concentrated mind and all those criss-crossed and strewn out of line will be of people with a wandering mind.” Tom went out to check and the only pair strewn was his own. Everyone else’s was lined neat and proper.

Heaven is gained or lost not just by dramatic deeds, but by little acts of daily living. As the Zen saying goes “If you can serve a cup of tea correctly, you can do anything.” So many times it has happened that a book is open in front of us but instead of reading, our mind is either engaged constructing castles in the air or contemplating about an issue or re- enjoying a cricket match we’ve had seen some time ago. How can we expect ourselves to have a focused, concentrated mind while studying, while we can’t hold it steady even while serving a cup of tea?

Our true characters are reflected in our smallest of deeds and this rule applies everywhere. We can keep behaving like a mature, decent, well behaved individual to outsiders, but till the time we act as impulsive, fickle minded person within the four walls, we can’t expect any improvement. The act of making our life a work of art by paying attention to details is an act worth learning. Let everything be a dance and our acts poised and graceful. It’s the highest game there is.

Today’s Prayer:

“I pray to remain conscious throughout my day and glorify the presence of spirit.”