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General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge


1. Analyze the main features of the system introduced by the government of India act 1919. (300 Words)
2. (a). The government of India Act 1935 went another step forward in perpetuating the communal     cleavage between the Muslim and the non-Muslim communities. Comment. (200 Words)
(b)  What is diarchy? Examine its status under the Government of India act 1919 and 193   (200 Words)
3. What purposes does the Preamble to the Indian Constitution serve? Examine. (300 Words)       
4. “An absolute balance of powers between the different organs of government is an impracticable thing.” Critically analyze (300 Words)

5. The Indian Constitution is more flexible than rigid. Discuss.(300 Words)

Tomorrow’s Topics

Indian Economy – Planning, Resource Mobilization