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MOTIVATION – One More New Attempt

                   Rishave Verma

When you do something right and fail, assume that you were wrong!!.

                                                              (Lily Tomlin)


January 6, 2014 at 9:31 am

gud morning to all of you…i have some questions in my mind please help me…you all guys are doing suberb job..actually i started my preperation in 2010 but still after 3 attempts i could nt clear prelims….not somewhere in my mind iam in depression…i was guided wrongly by some seniors because of that i wasted my 3 attempts and money ias seems impossible sometimes…iam an average student..please guide me…yes, i learnt that how not to prepare for ias…..what i do it right that it gives a bad impression on interview when you have not cleaed your prelims in 3 attempts…iam obc category….kindly help me…..

What has been written above is not some story but a copy-pasted question asked in the comments section by one of our friends on my article “Inner Strength”. Though I answered it there itself, but I thought it would be nice to share and address it here too.

John was in search of a house as he was new in the town. After several frustrating attempts to get in touch with people who were renting houses, he got the message that he wasn’t searching it the right way. He came back to his hotel room, and relaxed. A new idea struck his mind suddenly and in the evening he hurried towards a nearby beach. He wrote “Need A House For Rent” on a placard and sat on the beach with that placard. After half an hour an old couple approached him and asked “Son, we’ve got a house to rent, and it’s a big one. Will you take it”?

If something we are doing is not working, doing more of it will probably not work any better. If we’re butting our head against a wall again and again, stop. Rest. Breathe. Let go for the moment, and then try a different approach. Whatever we do, we shouldn’t try to swim against the flow of life.

If a door is not opening organically, there’s a good chance we are to go through another door. The moment we perceive struggle, we should halt and reassess our strategy.  If we commit ourselves to success by way of ease, we will open doors we never could have opened by trying to kick them. True power is gentle, not forceful.

Whenever, we are stuck, watch for alternatives. Watch for signs and hints to crosscheck if we are on the right path, or we are looking for our good in the wrong place. Dare God to bless us without pain and our spirit will answer us with firmer ways.


Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to take the right path, for I don’t have to keep fighting for my good.”