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MOTIVATION – I Have A Chance

                                   Rishave Verma

                    Trust your hopes, not your fears.

                                                              (David Mahoney)

In the movie Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey finally gets a date with his ideal woman and tells her he is in love with her. Then he asks her “What do you think are my chances – one out of ten?” After barely a moment thought she answers “More like one in a million”. Carrey grows very serious and then a huge smile breaks out on his face. Wow!!! He exclaims ecstatically “I have a chance”.

For once at least, this character’s simple-mindedness works in his favor. He is an eternal optimist, acknowledging one in a millionth of the glass that is full, rather than the rest that is empty. His attitude is more prone to create success than someone who would be turned away by initial rejection.

Many great people were rejected before they become celebrities. Einstein failed in mathematics, Beethoven’s Violin teacher called him hopeless as a composer, the sculptor Rodin failed three times to gain admission in art school, eighteen publishers turned down Richard Bach’s ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ before it became a sensation, Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper for the lack of ideas and several record companies rejected Beatles before they made their first album.

Many of us worry about our past performances, as a hindrance on our path to achieve our targets. But remember, our statistics can never define our standards. No matter what marks we fetched or how many certificates we gathered in our resume file, we always have a chance to improve our standards. Statistically speaking, sometimes one chance in million is enough to manipulate our destiny. For destiny never comes by-chance, it always comes by-choice. Please let it come that way.


Today’s Prayer:

“Help me to see the side which is bright rather than the dark.”