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MOTIVATION – Inner Strength

                                      Rishave Verma

     Throw your heart over the fence and rest will follow.

                                                       (Norman Vincent Peale)

On the threshold of recording her blockbuster album, Unforgettable, Natalie Cole wrestled with her inner self. The notion of electronically marrying the segments of her dad’s famous 1951 song with her voice in response was a bold and unprecedented experiment in the music industry. But in spite of potential criticism, there was something inside Natalie that kept pushing her to go ahead with the project. Subsequently, the recording became a top selling album, and the singer won numerous Grammy awards for it. Natalie looked back and summarized the process as “When your heart is really strong about something, there comes a point at which you just close your eyes and go for it”.

We should follow our inner voice. All the figuring, planning and reasoning in the world will do us no good unless we are willing to execute them with unquestionable faith. We should be strong enough to follow our instincts. All objectives are achieved beyond our perceived safety zone. Sometimes all we have to work with is a compelling urge, and that is enough. It is said that “the heart has reasons that reason know not of”. So we need to follow our heart when it feels strong enough for any venture.

There is a need to practice acting on our intuition.  True Inner strength comes out of faith which is like a muscle, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes and greater its capacity. If a particular venture keeps knocking at the door of our consciousness, it is most likely that we have got all the strength to chase it. All we need is an attitude, which is compelling enough to make us take a stand and start the chase will full throttle. And I’ll say “Cheers to the chase”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Empower me to follow my path with courage and confidence”