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MOTIVATION – All In Good Time

Zenia Kaur

Taking up the first step takes a lot of courage! You begin with all your might and some even manage to cross the threshold bearing those stumbling stones while for some it’s the ending even before they see the light of dawn. And if you fall into the former category, the journey shall not be plain simple. There would be days you’ll feel like procrastinating, or are just unmotivated to even pick up books. And on other side there would also be days when you have a weird kind of bubbling energy, when you feel all your goals are within your reach and you wish to achieve all in one day. But the side effect of this is you don’t actually do anything worth even with that kind of positive energy. One must strive for being optimistic yet stable, motivated not over-confident. So everyday do something that will inch you closer to your ultimate goals.

As the wise have said ~ “No one rises suddenly in the world not even the Sun”, so you gotta make the effort of taking small imperfect steps every single day, as that is how transformation happens and change occurs (Think of the consequences, if you do nothing at all! Will the change occur?). And keep chanting to yourself ‘all in good time’!