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Optional Subjects Writing Challenges – Starts Tomorrow

From tomrrow we will start posting questions from Optional Subjects, namely History, Public Administration and Anthropology (two questions per day)

Why only these subjects?

Because we have received questions for only these subjects from contributors.

Certain requirements to restart and continue this initiative are:

  • Experienced candidates should help us by sending original questions (in a Word document)
  • Interested aspirants  should actively participate.

We know that it is difficult to write and hen type answers, but believe us, this exercise helps you remember your answers for long time to come. (this we reiterate because of the feedback we got from few aspirants who wrote Mains this year)

GS Writing Challenge

This will begin from January 13th 2014.

From January 13th it will be hectic for all of you. But success is guaranteed only through practice and nothing else.

Within 2-3 days, current events section will kick-start which would be exclusively syllabus oriented.