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Insights Weekend Discussions – Week Eleven

Welcome to the Tenth edition of Insights Weekend Discussions. You can access details of last Ten discussions here.

And the topic is:

Is Civil Society Crossing Its Limits in India?


The phrase ‘civil society’ became more popular in India post – Anna Hazare led anti-corruption struggle. The two major outcomes of this movement are: one, passing of Lokpal bill and emergence of Aam Aadmi party as a potent force in the India political landscape. These two outcomes have shown us that it is possible for a sustained civil society led movement to bend the government to toe its line and even enter politics if necessary to gain power and rule the masses to fulfill their agenda.

Is civil society crossing its limits? or does it have any limits? What is the difference between civil society and the state? What is the demarcation between the two? Should civil society take part in power politics?