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MOTIVATION – Select, Don’t Settle

                                  Rishave Verma

    It is not what you ask for is appalling; what is appalling is what you settle for.    

                                                                                                             (Alan Cohen)

Dogs were Alan’s favorite. Every night before going to sleep he used to offer the street dogs with some fudge cake and milk. They loved Alan’s treat and every night they eagerly waited for it. One night, he forgot to bring some extra fudge cake and hence he only had milk to offer them. So he thought why not compensate the fudge cake with some white bread. He did the same. To his surprise, as soon as dogs realized the absence of cake in the milk, they started looking at each other and slowly each one of them started to leave without finishing their supper. Alan, that night was being offered a profound message for life.

How much we live our life is our preference, and how much we settle for is our choice. There are several things which come from our heart, and several which come out of obligation, accommodation, fear or even jealousy. The ones which come from our heart should be categorically selected. Our lives will be grand not because we settled for grandness, but because we chose or selected to be grand.

Every time we settle, we die a little bit inside. When we accept something that we would not choose, we affirm that we do not deserve to be happy, and that the universe cannot support us in living our vision. When we make a stand for our goal, we affirm that we are worthy of achieving it. When we chose to be Civil Servant, it wasn’t and shouldn’t be a case of settling down, but rather a career we selected to pursue. More so, because it came right from our heart. But if it came from somewhere else, then we need to introspect ourselves. And I’ll say “Ask for what you want, and as long there is a chance of getting it, Keep asking”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Give me the chance to claim my highest good, for I pray to live by choice.”