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MOTIVATION – 1947=2014=Inner Independence

          Rishave Verma

    Have you attempted greatness? Then go on; back turning slackens resolution.    

                                                                                                         (Thomas Herriot)

Wishing hereby, A Very Happy New Year to everyone.

The heading of today’s article looks a bit strange isn’t it? But it’s a chronologic fact of days and date. You don’t believe me? Then compare the calendars of 1947 and 2014. They are exactly the same!!! Not a single day and date different.

1947 was the year; our nation snatched the eternal freedom which eluded her for more than two centuries. As we enter this New Year of 2014, let each one of us resolve to declare an “Inner Independence” which has eluded us for so long.

Though we are a free country, yet even more important than national freedom is internal freedom. We may live in a democratic society, but unless we are free of the inner bondage of fear, doubt and separation, we are not truly free. Break free of the power we have given others to make or break our life. While others may invite, suggest, guide or influence us, ultimately we alone have to live with the choices we make in our lives. No one can hurt us, and no one can save us unless we ordain it.

Declare a revolution of consciousness. Oust the old dictators of self doubt, self criticism, jealousy, diffidence and replace them with a belief in our abilities, trust in the wisdom of life, positive visualization and speech, and the willingness to be grand. Let our dreams fly and maneuver through their wildest of flights. Who knows this New Year, we could reach that destination in Mussorie, we’ve always dreamt of…….

Happy New Year. God Bless.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me walk in the light of freedom, shining as a model of integrity.”