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CURRENT EVENTS – New Idea, New Initiative

We are planning to bring out a crowd-sourced Magazine – a comprehensive magazine covering every aspect of the UPSC civil services’ syllabus related topics.

When we say crowd-sourced, it is not money, but contribution from the readers.

This is just an idea but has immense potential to drown all the costly magazines in the market and make information available for free to every IAS aspirant.

Two important things that needs to be taken care of are:

  1. Maintaining the Quality
  2. Ensuring that it strictly adheres to the syllabus (static+dynamic)

We can ensure both quality and relevance by managing the contributions.

This initiative will also give chance to budding writers (aspirants whose hobby is to write).

But why this initiative?

This was always there in our mind. Some of our regular readers know it (who were in touch with us through mails). But beyond imagination this site is growing and we are also getting very busy (blame overambitious offline classes and test series) which is compromising the quality of current events (you might have already sensed it)

If some of you with genuine interest and commitment are willing to contribute, it would work like this:

  • Experienced aspirants who have specific interest in certain topics – such as international relations, economy, environment related issues etc, can daily send their analysis of events that appear in The Hindu, Business Standard, PIB, Indian Express and other important sources
  • We edit them and according to the syllabus, post them daily: under different headings.
  • We can follow One Person-One Article Policy to ensure quality
  • They should let us know beforehand the topic they would cover to avoid overlapping
  • At the end of the month, we can bring out comprehensive Magazine by adding GS, S&T, Secure questions; daily articles – syllabus and topic wise
  • All 10-15 aspirants would by default become members of editorial board
  • This magazine should be free forever and should reach every aspirant who has access to internet


This initiative too involves lot of work, but it would become more comprehensive and quality can be ensured consistently as it is not good to depend on one individual to write whole thing.

If someone out there is interested, mail us at: insightssecure at gmail dot com