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Insights Secure-2014 – New initiative – Update

This update is on our previous announcement of new initiative on Secure-2014.

We have received mails from 87 aspirants showing interest to participate in this new initiative. 

We have devised a plan to make Secure-2014 more meaningful, useful and more secure.

Assuming that all 87 are really serious about framing good answers and posting them on the site, we will follow the following strategy:

  • All 87 will be assigned a code
  • Codes would be like this: A1, A2……A10, B1,B2,B3…….H7 (i.e 87th guy/girl)
  • Based on number of questions (the day The Hindu has less politics or more politics) we will assign codes in cyclic manner. For example, if there are 10 questions  tomorrow, A1-A10 would get the chance to volunteer and frame answers. Next day it would be B1 to….C5 (if 10 question are posted)


All 87 would get a chance to write the answer. But what about quality?

Here it gets interesting. How?

All 87 would get a chance to improve their answers because of the following mechanism and after few days this would ensure quality answers.

  • Volunteers MUST post answers whenever they are assigned a question. They should not worry about the quality.
  • Rest of the volunteers MUST give feedback or write their own answer taking it as a challenge to write a best answer.
  • By doing this, every volunteer would get feedback on her/his answers. This would drastically improve your answer after few days.
  • Commenting on others answers or giving feedback gives depth to your own thinking and this indirectly helps when you write your own answers
  • Once a volunteer persists and improves based on the feedback she/he receives, in no time they will start writing quality answers
  • When they don’t write good answers, never mind, other volunteers who take it as a challenge will always post a best answer

This mechanism has many positives. Every volunteer gets feedback. Everyone gets a chance to improve. After few days you would all form a robust community where unlike other fora, you will be discussing issues that matter.

What about consolidated Answers?

When we assign a code every day, we will also assign one person the role of collecting the best answers of the day, form a Word document and send that to us (of course you will keep a copy). He/she will be given a special code named- LEADER.

In case the LEADER doesn’t send us consolidated answers, we will remove him/her as volunteer.

Once we have the best answers, we will form a booklet and circulate it to ONLY among ACTIVE volunteers (we will mail you)

Why only them?

Because they really work hard. It is not easy to volunteer, and if volunteer, it is not easy to above steps.

We can just upload them on the site and increase our traffic, but we want to ‘motivate’ you to participate and contribute.

It is not a waste of time, or a futile exercise. When the work gets shared between so many individuals, actually your preparation gets better and smarter.

Some might say, ‘No, we write answers everyday on our notebooks, can’t type. Please send us consolidated answers too.’ Or some may just say, ‘LoL I am already making my own consolidated document, don’t need yours.” (this kind of guys don’t volunteer. Usually they top the exam too.)

Thing is, for volunteers it saves a lot of time. As you have to do it once in every 87 days!

Everyone  should try to give feedback on others’ answers. No need to write answers if not comfortable, but a least you can say if someone’s answer is good or bad.

For some reasons, some people who regularly write answers have not volunteered (may be they have their own ‘principles’)

Ultimately it benefits the users. We don’t earn money from doing this. 🙂 Or hundreds of comments won’t make this site popular either. The main intention is to motivate the passive users to become active and start participating.

From tomorrow we will start this initiative. We will send codes to your respective email IDs.

When you see your code above the question, just do some research (don’t take too much time) and post answers using the code. If you like your name to appear, then add the name to next your code. (see below)

How does it look like?


What do you understand by resource mobilization? How important is it for the economy? (200 Words)

The Hindu


What is judicial activism? Do you think it is good for democracy? Justify. (200 Words)

The Hindu

A3 (insights )

3. Write a note on climatological seasons of India. (200 Words)

The Hindu

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