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MOTIVATION: Beyond The Dark Night

                               Beyond The Dark Night

Rishave Verma

    Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.   

                                                                                                                 (Psalm 23)

Ray Kroc’s entire life thrived on discovering just the right idea that would live well, after the man himself. From an ambulance driver to paper cup salesman, to real estate broker, piano player and finally milk shake mixer salesman, he always had an incredible amount of faith in himself!!! Finally at the ‘Young’ age of 52, his biggest idea was about to emerge. However Kroc had to muster enough courage in his new idea to once again mortgage his home and borrow lots of money to get it going. He’d been plagued by years of arthritis, diabetes, lost his bladder and most of his thyroid gland. But Ray Kroc was known to say “The best is ahead of me”. His idea was Mc Donald’s, the year was 1954 and soon Mc Donald’s became the 2nd most recognizable brand name in world next to Coca Cola. Even today, it’s one among the most valuable brands. Not so bad for a 52 years old with severe health problems, huge debts and tons of dogged determination!!!

Preparing for Civil Services? Yes we are. But it’s long and toiling process. It demands strong determination and perseverance. It’s not something; we can buy at a nearby shopping mall at 50% flat discount!! We got to earn it. It seems like a never ending race with no view of the finishing line at the horizon. In the process, sometimes we encounter Bright Sunny days, sometimes Dark nights.

Although the dark night is painful, disheartening and harrowing, but it is a productive time. If we are passing through a dark night, let’s take comfort in the truth that there is a bigger picture than the one we are seeing. The dark is time to clear away the old to make way for the new and better. Nothing is taken away that is not replaced with something more valuable. The field is being turned over so that the old weeds and dead roots can be dissolved and the new seeds sown. Spring of 2014 is not far behind these winters of 2013.

Let’s not try to fight the changes and let’s not try to understand them. In our anxiety, we should not attempt to clutch at the old for security, instead we should do our best to release what was; and be open to what is to come. Let’s define all the changes as good and look for their blessings. The day will come when we will look back at such a time and say “THANK YOU”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Hold my hand, during a time of shadows, for I know all change is for the greater good.”