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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events


We know that every day many of you write beautiful answers and next day they get lost among hundreds of other comments. To make Secure-2014 more meaningful and really more secure, we need to do something that is more beneficial to numerous aspirants during exam time.

We need at least TEN volunteers. Each volunteer would be assigned each question every day for which he/she has to prepare a very good answer by putting some amount of extra work such as doing research on net/reference books.

Volunteers are free to answer all the questions either in their notebooks or on the website, but they must provide us a good answer for an assigned question.

By doing this, at the end of the day we will get good answers for all the questions and it would help volunteers too in sharpening their writing skills.

But what’s a good answer?

  • Having good introduction and conclusion
  • Relevant to the question throughout
  • Answered as directed by the ‘directive’ given in the question
  • Written within word limit
  • Written using own sentences
  • Written using simple language without resorting to jargon and clichés
  • Concise and to the point – no beating around the bush.

Send you names to our email (insightsonindia at gmail dot com) We will assign you a code and this code will me mentioned next to the question for which you should prepare an answer. Don’t spend too much time on this – spend 1-2 hours maximum.

To make this initiative more fruitful, we will assign you only those questions which are related to the syllabus.

Each day one volunteer would be assigned an extra assignment – to send us that day’s all good answers in a Word document, so that we publish it every week as a compendium . (we are sure already many aspirants would be already saving good answers every day – just forward us one copy. Helping others helps you later)

What about others?

They should continue to write their answers as usual. They should also comment and correct others’ answers as well. Commenting constructively is the best way to improve ones writing skills and refine their ideas.

We hope most of you would volunteer for this. Every day it’s an exciting challenge for you – anticipating which question is assigned to you, and then preparing answer for that question will be a good experience.

Later we will involve our offline students as well to make this process exciting.

Imagine having a repository of all good answers at one place later to revise them fast during exams! It saves your time and energy in the end.

And don’t worry about competition. Everyone won’t work hard and last long. Some people just accumulate materials and never read them. Some people start with great enthusiasm and after few days lose the steam. In the end, only few last longer and most of the times,  in the Final List,  their names appear. You are competing with very few extraordinary individuals – be one such individual who wants to be at LBSNAA at any cost.

If none comes forward, it’s fine. We don’t lose anything. 🙂

Note: In case you have doubts, you can ask them below in the comments box.



26, December 2013

1. What is cyber terrorism? What mechanisms are in place in India to deal with the threat of cyber terrorism? (200 Words)

The Hindu

The Hindu

2. What are the main reasons behind feminisation of migration? Comment on the problems being faced by migrating women and the response of the government in dealing with such problems. (200 Words)

The Hindu

3. Write a note on the contribution of Indian diaspora to the economies of African countries.

The Hindu

4. Analyze the roles that India can play on the global stage as an aspiring superpower. Do you think India should be more assertive in its foreign policy? Why? (200 Words)

The Hindu

5. What is clinical trial? Why clinical trials in India have been controversial? In the light of recent Supreme Court judgement regarding clinical trials, comment on the need for suitable policy measures to address the issue. (200 Words)

The Hindu

6. “Education can be an instrument of change. But nation-building would require reform in education; unlearning of undemocratic values is as important as the learning of democratic ones. ” Comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu

7. “The new law in Uruguay legalizing cannabis use is, above all, pragmatic rather than ideological.” DO you agree with this view? Comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu