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MOTIVATION: Sign or Shine

               Sign to Shine

Rishave Verma

                      When things go wrong, don’t go with them.     


A frustrated and disheartened budding author threw his manuscript into the dustbin. His latest rejection felt like the last straw. And he decided that his search for a publisher was fruitless. That night, his wife noticed the discarded manuscript and she took it out of trash. She placed it before him and said “Don’t quit now. You still have a lot to offer.” The writer was Norman Vincent Peale, considered one of the finest motivational writers of all time, my favorite, and the manuscript was ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, which went on to become one of the most successful inspirational classics in history. Google for it and you will know about this book.

Today’s article is especially for those, who somehow till now have not been able to get through UPSC exams. Nonetheless, it can be equally useful for newcomers. Sometimes the universe tests us with rejection. Life asks us if we are confident enough in ourselves and our aspirations, to keep going in the face of obstacles. Rejection is not always a statement about the quality of our material; it may simply be a reflection of the critic’s consciousness. While we must be open to feedback, we must also hold faith, which supersedes the opinion of those who do not agree with us. If we believe in something enough, we will not be put off by obstacles.

In preparations, we fail so many times. Sometimes we are unable to wake up early, sometimes unable to finish a chapter, sometimes unable to follow a daily routine, sometimes unable to absorb a topic, sometimes unable to concentrate, sometimes our not-up- to- the- mark writing skills etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. All these are rejections. But no one and nothing in the world has the power to put us down, till the moment we hold in our mind, an unbreachable and severe “Disagreement Pact” with our rejections. Act with the confidence of a master. Just sign this Disagreement Pact right now, and don’t forget to put there, your deepest signature possible. We need to substantiate, that we don’t agree even with God, as far as our rejections are concerned. And as usual, I’ll say “Deeper your Sign, Brighter your Shine”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me remember my worth and the importance of my aspirations”.