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MOTIVATION – Snooze or Cruise

        Snooze or Cruise

Rishave Verma

               Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.     

                                                                (Washington Irving)

Every year in Australia, a 400 km marathon event is organized. Clad in coveralls and galoshes, 61 year old Cliff Young, a farmer from Australia’s outback seemed an anomaly in the grueling marathon. As the younger athletes prepared themselves, they wondered if the old Cliff would survive the first day. But then an amazing event occurred. A full day and a half before the lead runner were expected to finish, a 61 year old foot in rubber galoshes crossed the finish line. Cliff Young completed the race in record breaking time 36 hrs 26 min, competing with men 40 years younger to him. As younger athletes mentally psyched themselves to run 18 hrs a day and sleep 6 hrs a night, no one told Cliff Young that he was supposed to sleep. While the younger men were “Snoozing”, the old man was “Cruising.”  The following year, several runners broke Cliff Young’s record. They adopted his method of running without sleep and gave up their belief system that one had to sleep 6 hrs to win the race.

Here’s a golden rule “Ignorance is bliss when the thing we are ignorant of is our limitation.” Our mind establishes the reality in which we will live. We live as large as we think. When you make up your mind, you make up your life. Believe in “Becoming a Civil Servant”, and make it sure, that the building blocks of your belief system are totally ignorant of “Not becoming a Civil Servant”.

Even while preparing, the same principles hold good. Instead of realizing your limitations, or the uncertainty to qualify, simply be ignorant of them. Then your ignorance will convert into bliss. The bigger your ignorance, the bigger your horizons. Let others doubt, as they will.  Let others babble, as they will. Always remember the golden rule of “Ignorance”. You feed your mind with golden ideas; your life will be golden. And I’ll say “Don’t Keep Snoozing, Rather Keep Cruising”.

Today’s Prayer:

“Help me accept only those ideas that lead me to freedom and create a life I choose with my thoughts.”