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MOTIVATION – Clean Slate

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         CLEAN SLATE

        Grand adventures await those who are willing to turn the corner………..

                                                                                 (Chinese Fortune Cookie)

In the Film Clean Slate, Dana Carvey portrays a man named Pogue who has an unusual type of amnesia— when he goes to sleep, he forgets everything that has happened to him before that time.

A woman who once betrayed Pogue asks him “Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you?” In an utterly childish and innocent manner, Pogue shrugs his shoulders and says “Sure! Why not. Of course I can and I will.” For Pogue his relation with that lady is as new as the current day.

It’s almost a year (14/12/2014) left for the next UPSC Mains to commence. As you enter this new year of your preparations, nothing in the past has any power to affect what you do now. You can be an entirely new person. Forgive and Forget. This year has never been lived before. Bring the consciousness of your existence to life and set sail on a great adventure, the grandeur of which can only be determined by the wings of your thoughts. This year, think big thoughts to create miraculous results.

Today’s Prayer:  “I pray to start over again. No matter what has happened, I am willing to let today be new. Thank you for giving me the chance to begin again.“

Rishave Verma