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Answer Writing Challenges – Second Edition – Update

Many are asking us, ‘don’t stop free initiatives on the site’ or ‘don’t charge for any of the things you are providing on the site.’

No. we won’t.

The reason why Daily Answer Writing Challenge has been stalled is for the good of thousands of aspirants, not a sign of shutting down the site.

For the Good of aspirants? How?

We have decided to conduct offline classes. The structure of the course is such that we plan to complete the Prelims+Mains syllabus in 5-6 months. Every day few topics would be covered in the form of tests and discussions.

Once the classes start, from the same day, we want to post questions online and let aspirants from every part of the country take part in discussion (though everyone shows the desire to write answer, only few would write them on the site – and those few would succeed. You can see this year’s result)

By doing this, we can cover whole syllabus even on the website within 5-6 months. So, no need to think otherwise and it is done in the interest of visitors of this blog.

Till then you can practice writing answers for Secure-2014 questions.

For Optional subjects, we expect few candidates who wrote Mains this year to act as moderators, guides and friends in carrying out the initiative. We hope few would come forward. If not also, we will post question daily from our side – topic wise – and aspirants can complete Optional syllabus too in a time bound manner (One Request though – we need topic-wise questions for Optional subjects in a Word format)

How Daily Answer Writing Helps (reiteration)?

Recent Mains proved that if one covers the syllabus in a holistic manner, one can tackle any kind of question. We posted (or boasted) that many questions came from what we had already posted on the blog.

It is not magic or an extraordinary achievement. If one covers whole syllabus with an approach of framing man questions on each topic, some questions are bound to come in the exam. But, one should have minimum insight to frame a standard and relevant questions for that matter.

Daily answer writing can be made more useful if one takes time to post their answers on the site too. First writing on the paper and then typing them on the site helps you in two ways – first, the double exercise reinforces the content of your answer in your mind, secondly, while typing you become conscious about word limit and structure. If one practices it sufficiently, in the exam hall you don’t have to blink or think – answers would flow flawlessly on to the paper. Even speed would be taken care of.

Then Why Offline Class?

The premise for offline classes is ensuring regular practice by acting as friend and guide. It is also difficult to provide feedback on every answer on the site. In a real class the environment would be competitive and conducive for discussion and exchange of ideas. This is again possible in a class of few students.

One can prepare from home itself. Those who need a push should join our classes. We will ensure that you would always stay on track.

Success will be guaranteed if one practices every day. Success will be guaranteed if one gets an opportunity to be ahead and always in the right direction.

When we prepared for this exam we lacked this zeal and we didn’t have someone to guide us – a website or a person. We didn’t become officers not because we were dumb, it is because our preparation lacked necessary ingredients.

Every year most deserving aspirants, even from IITs, IIMs don’t make it to the services. Again it is because of both bad luck and some missing link in their method of preparation.

To clear this exam you don’t have to be an expert in all the subjects. Some tweaking is needed in your preparation – that is it. There are shining examples where aspirants from rural areas, aspirants with poor English and aspirants from average schools and colleges have topped the exam. You can be one of them. All you need to do is stay on the track, move in the right direction and have faith in your hard work.