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About Paid Test Series – How It Will Be Done

We want to conduct test series for Prelims 2014 (Paper-I – This is our strong area) starting from the last week of December 2013 to July 2014.

The aim of these tests would be to help aspirants prepare well the fundamental concepts of  the topics specified and implied in the syllabus.

Preliminary exam is now all about basics. Clarity of concepts and sound knowledge of fundamental aspects of various topics would help an aspirant score better in Paper-1 of Preliminary exam.

Paper-1 is the difficult part in Prelims for many serious aspirants as most of them focus on advanced information and focus less on basics. Though they would know answers to many questions, the nature of questions asked by UPSC are confusing and require clear understanding about a given topic, hence they fail to answer the question perfectly.

To gain clear understanding about a certain topic, one needs two pronged strategy: one is in depth reading of a source and second one is practicing variety of questions on the same topic. This method reinforces the subject knowledge and helps retain information effectively.

Our test series would focus on:

  • Fundamentals
  • Concepts
  • Strictly exam oriented questions
  • Testing analytical ability

We won’t focus on:

  • rote knowledge
  • factual questions
  • show-off questions (intentionally framed to impress students)

The design of the tests:

  1. There will be twenty tests
  2. First few tests would exclusively cover all NCERTs i.e History, Geography, Economy, Polity, S&T, Environment
  3. Next set of tests would cover standard texts and Newspapers- Bipan Chandra, D D Basu, Laxmikanth, The Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Survey, India Year Book etc
  4. Next set of questions would consist of questions which would be dynamic but related to the syllabus
  5. Next set of questions would consist Mix of all – from basics to advanced questions.

The thrust would be on Concepts and Concepts. We will strive hard to give quality questions and good explanation for each question.

We will send question paper on every Sunday by email. You have to solve them in exam condition. In the evening, we would send Solutions.

Additionally, for those who enroll, their doubts would be solved through emails – any time, any day.

As of now, we can only send PDFs through emails.

For Twenty tests we are thinking to keep the Fees around 3.5 to 4k.

you can suggest us if  you have any new ideas (except for asking to post same questions online for free 🙂 )

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

We have already stated that we are going against our earlier statement i.e. ‘we will never go commercial’. We need revenues as we are a team now and others can’t work for free.

The website and its all services would be free. So many have requested us to add Donate button because they want to pay something for the site. Now they can enroll for our Test Series and get benefited and at the same time help us too.