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Letter To The Insights – Santosh Gupta


Dear Insights,

First of all Thank You so much for your wonderful efforts. Your efforts and insights have mandated to regard you as “CHANKAYA of Civil Services”, like in case of Chankya’s writings everyone wondered how a single human being can have so much knowledge, I too wonder with respect to you that how a single person can have so much insight about the exam and on top of that a zeal and unfettered commitment to help others. Hats of to you Sir!!!

I am following this site religiously since first week of August, when I landed here accidentally while searching for some pointers to good study material for GS papers, since then it has been a ‘joy of learning’ treasured beyond the confines of the heart.

I am working as Examiner of Patents and Designs(Group A, Gazetted),The Patent Office, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, and like a lot of Indians want to become an IAS officer. But more than a desire to become an IAS officer, I wanted to prepare for Civil Services to gain knowledge and experience the ‘joy of learning’.

Due to job commitments, lack of time and more so because of apprehension of lack of knowledge, I was more of a silent spectator than an active participant. Further, I was unable to follow everyday’s Answer Writing Challenge and at last I took printout of good answers and then prepared through them.

Now, since I have taken the exam and feel more confident about the level of my knowledge, I intend to become an active participant and would like to help you in this noble endeavor in whatever capacity I can.

I would like to request you for sharing some link or your account details where if someone wants to contribute monetarily then he/she can do. I, personally, feel indebted for your invaluable contribution to my learning and knowledge and irrespective of the outcome of the exam result, want to contribute as GURU DAKSHINA. I very well know that any of such effort takes immense time, will power and resources, so I offer to do a little bit of my part in whatever way I can. So, please share a link or your account details for voluntary contribution.

At last but not the least, I would take this opportunity to thank and convey my  deep gratitude towards Mr. Aditya Jha, Mr. Tauseef Ahmed, Ms. Asha Gaud, Ms. Anjali, Mr. Akand Sitara, Mr. Abhishek Pandey, Mr. Nikku, IAS Aspirant, Ms. Kirang, Mr. Raghu Sharma g and all others. You all have been an epitome of ‘spirit of knowledge and sharing’ – It has been a privilege to share the same platform with you all.

One more thing Sir, I wanted to write this letter to you personally, but I couldn’t get the email-id to send it, so I am posting it here.

Irrespective of the result of CSE Mains, I am happy with the learning this preparatory phase has endowed me with. Now looking forward to a further ‘enrichment of knowledge’ and an active participation from my own side.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Santosh Gupta


From Insights:

Dear Santosh,

Thank you very much for your words of appreciation. It gives us immense joy when the users of this site acknowledge our work and lets us know about the positive impact it has made to their preparation. Words such as yours keeps us going and we hope many more people get benefited in the future from Insights.

We would like to keep this site Open and Free. As we are planning to conduct offline classes and test series in future, for us, accepting donations is tantamount to greed and breach of trust. Moreover, we still feel that we have not done any exceptional work to start accepting donations. There is still lot to do. 🙂