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Questions From Insights That Appeared In UPSC Mains General Studies Paper – 3

Following are the questions posted earlier on Insights that are Directly or Indirectly related to the questions that appeared in 2013 UPSC Mains General Studies Paper – 3 held on December 5, 2013

Question 1 (GS-3, Mains 2013) Direct

Comment on the impact of new rules under the new Companies Act 2013 on the companies.  Does new rules adequately protect depositors? Examine. (200 Words)

Link – See Question 17

Question 2 (GS-3, Mains 2013) – Indirect

Examine the role of the Finance ministry of the Union government in designing and implementing monetary and fiscal policies. (indirectly related)

Link – see question 2

ET in the classroom

Question 4 (GS-3, Mains 2013) – Direct

Is India’s food security law in violation of WTO norms? Examine with example from around the world. (200 Words)

Link – See Question 7

“Food security bill is a populist, but much-needed legislation, enacted without laying the foreign policy foundations for its continued existence.” Examine. (200 Words)

Link – see question 1

Question 5 (GS-3, Mains 2013) – Indirect

How is agricultural price policy is determined in India? Does the process take note of agricultural subsidies? (200  Words)

Link see question 2

Question 8 (GS-3, Mains 2013) – Direct

Highlight the nature of the land reforms still needed in the country.(250 Words)

Link see question 1

Evaluate the track record of land reform in India in its various aspects, bringing out inter state differences. How would you interpret this record? (250 Words)

Link – See question 1

Question 10 (GS-3, 2013) Direct

Current events, Oct 22, 2013

Question 11 (GS-3, 2013) – Direct

Search ‘green energy corridor in this document

Question 12 (GS-3, 2013)Indirect

“Resort to PPPs in the social sector often raises concerns about the commercialization of services that are normally expected to be provided free or highly subsidized.” Comment. (250 Words)

Link – See Question 1

Question 13 (GS-3, 2013)Direct

Read article

search Novartis and Glivec here

Question 16-b (GS-3, 2013)Direct

Link – See question 7

Question 18 (GS-3, 2013)Direct

“Disaster management should not be limited to rescue and relief operations but preparedness to handle it.” Comment (200 Words)

Link See Question 8

Question 19 (GS-3, 2013)Direct

How does illegal mining in the forest region threaten biodiversity? Examine. (150 Words)

Link – See Question 13

Go No Go Zone – current events Oct 16, 2013

Question 21 (GS-3, 2013)Direct

Money Laundering – see question 5

and Question 1 here

Question 22 (GS-3, 2013)Indirect

See Question 2 here

Question 23 (GS-3, 2013) – Indirect

See Question 1 here

See Question 3 here

Question 24 (GS-3, 2013) – Indirect

See Question 1 here

Question 25 (GS-3, 2013) – Direct

“India’s internal security challenges are inextricably linked with border management.” Examine the statement in the light of various security challenges being faced by India at its borders and their threat to internal security. (250 Words)

See Question 1 here

17 out of 25 questions (68%) posted till date on Insights were directly or indirectly related to the GS-3 paper 2013. Those who regularly wrote answers here might have benefited immensely.

I thank Tauseef for giving wonderful S&T questions, of which few directly figured in the question paper.