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Insights Mains Mock Exam – 2013: General Studies Paper – III

Answer cum Question Booklet

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Insights – 21/11/2013




 Time Allowed: Three Hours                                                          Maximum Marks: 250

  • Each question is printed in English.
  • Answers must be written in the medium specified in the Admission Certificate issued to you, which must be stated clearly on the cover of the Question – cum – Answer sheet in the space provided for the purpose.
  • No marks will be given for answers written in a  medium other than that specified in the Admission Certificate
  • Candidates should attempt all the questions strictly in accordance with the  instructions given under each section
  • The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of each question
  • Candidates should write their answers within the pre-defined space provided below each part/sub-part of a question
  • There will be penalty for writing outside the space provided for the purpose
  • Answers written outside the pre-defined space will not be evaluated
  • You are provided a separate Questions Paper in the end to take home for reference purpose.

1)      Answer the following questions in about 250 words each:  25X3 = 75

a)     “‘Civil society’ is a much-abused term in India. All it really means is capitalist society, with its multiple divisions and contradictions between capitalists and workers, majority and minorities, upper and lower castes and so on, as well as competition within each category.”Do you agree with this assessment? Critically examine in the context of India.

b)     The facet of Social Justice has been part of ‘basic structure of the constitution’. Critically analyze the statement with respect to the ‘reservation policies’ made by the government.

c)      “India should capitalize the goodwill it holds in Afghanistan to its strategic interest lest its ambitious neighbors fill the void, especially China which takes a long-term view of its interests and pursues them relentlessly.” Analyze.

2)      Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 15X5= 75

a)     Expansion of the judiciary’s power is a threat to judicial independence. Do you agree with this view? Comment.

b)     What is Hunger? What causes it? Explain.

c)      In the recent times, NGOs are being ‘absorbed’ in the developmental process rather than ‘challenging’ it. How can the NGOs ensure that they provide ‘alternative’ development?

d)     How does ‘e-governance’ ensure welfare of the people? Has it really achieved its goal? Substantiate with examples.

e)      What are the powers and functions of Election Commission?

3)      Answer the following in about 100 words each:10X7=70

a)     Discuss the importance of India – ASEM cooperation.

b)     What implications US withdrawal from Afghanistan has on India-Pakistan relations? Critically analyze.

c)      The emerging lifestyle diseases not only affect the economic conditions of the individuals but also the productivity of the economy which is going to be threatened dangerously in the near future. Comment on the above statement and suggest some remedial measures in this regard.

d)     What are the salient features of Representation of People’s Act?

e)      How does India benefit from its association with Arctic Council?

f)      Write a note on the contribution of Indian Diaspora  to American polity and economy.

g)      What are the challenges before India in fostering long term goodwill relationship with Myanmar and what should be its strategy to deal with these challenges? Examine.

h)    Explain the Significance and role of pressure groups in democracies.

4)      Comment on each of the following in about 50 words each: 5X4=20

a)     The mandates of ICC and ICJ

b)     Difference between Quasi-Judicial bodies and Courts

c)      WIFS Programme

d)     RNTCP

5)      Comment on each of the following in about 20 words each: 2X5=10

a)     UNHCR

b)     Internet Governance Forum

c)      iBhuGoal

d)     The Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY)

e)      Udisha Scheme

Answer cum Question Booklet

 Take Home Question Paper

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