Insights Daily Current Events, November 11, 2013

OUR FREE MAGAZINE ARCHIVES November 11, 2013 NATIONAL  Ageing dams not being decommissioned A report by International Rivers, an NGO campaigning against destructive dam projects worldwide, has highlighted the absence of policies regarding decommissioning of old dams in India. Ageing dams are a serious concern in India. What does the report says? The report reviews …

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 102

QUESTIONS: 11/11/2013 (Previous Questions) Do you agree with the statement that ‘United Nations is a World Government’ ? Give reasons for your answer. (200 Words) In the light of recent European crisis, critically assess the success of regional organizations of countries for cooperation in maters of trade and commerce. How far do geo-political proximities further …

Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 17

QUESTIONS: 11/11/2013 Write short note: Primary and Reference groups. (200 Words) What are the reactions of Robert Merton to the functionalism pioneered by social anthropologists? Indicate the Limitations of his idea of latent functions. (300 Words) Write short note : Talcott Parsons’ concept of social system.(200 Words) Write short note : Social system and the …

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 23

QUESTIONS:11/11/2013 “The Cabinet Secretary’s is a very general staff function, not a line function in relation to the ministries. His business is to help not to oversee. Comment. ( 300 Words) With respect to Globalization and its administrative challenges, explain state capacity deficit and its implications. (200 words)   ARCHIVES

Science and Technology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 19

QUESTIONS: 11/11/2013 Describe the “Ethanol Blending” program of India with reference to current economic situation? (200 Words) “Bio-fuel sector in India is undergoing a dramatic change, and it calls for efforts to generate necessary human resources to tap the emerging opportunities”. Evaluate (200 Words) ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 1 Link Question 2 Link