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Insights Weekend Debates Week – Four

Welcome to the Fourth edition of Insights Weekend Debates. You can access details of last Three debates here.

As we posted earlier today, this week’s topic is related to Science and Superstition.

And the topic is:

In India, Superstition is Part of Tradition and Culture, Hence Tougher Laws Are Antithetical to Our Cultural Ethos

Abolishing all forms of superstitions would make India better, argue rationalists. But it would destroy our cultural fabric too, argue fundamentalists and others who practice religions and customs seriously.

Some want science to influence basic values of life, whereas others want culture rooted in ancient beliefs to mould the life.

Recent murder of rationalist Dabholkar has kindled a debate among people whether to bring tougher laws to curb superstitions. Do we need laws that abolish Vastu Shastra, Astrology or even Godmen?

Or should we revamp education system itself to inculcate scientific temper into the minds of our children?

But how would you stop top scientists from visiting temples or following rituals before accomplishing a scientific mission of international importance?

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