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Books To Increase Reading and Comprehension Speed

There is no shortcut to increasing reading speed and comprehension. The only time tested solution is to read as much as possible every day, may it be a book, magazine or newspaper.

But some prefer to read slowly to enjoy the book or a magazine. An IAS aspirant can’t afford to do that. As competition is getting tougher, every aspirant must up his ante to be ahead in the race. And the mantra for success is to read more and practice (writing) much more.

In Preliminary examination Paper-II, nearly half of the paper comprises of Comprehension questions. Long passages are time consuming and sometimes difficult to comprehend in the heat of the moment. Paper-II is the best bet for any aspiring candidate to increase his score as questions demand more common sense and less rote knowledge.

We would like to suggest two books for increasing reading and comprehension speed (English).

One is, universally acclaimed book by Norman Lewis titled “ How To Read Faster and Better.


I am myself is a beneficiary of this book. The key is to complete all the exercises given in the book. It guarantees 100-150 percent increase in reading speed. If one completes the book, 100 percent increase in reading speed is guaranteed.

For more information, you can read reviews on Flipkart too.

On Flipkart (Rs 192/-) its price is lower than on Amazon (Rs 197/-). Choice is yours.

The second book you must buy is “Word Power Made Easy“. How does this increase speed? It actually increases comprehension. Having a good vocabulary is essential to read and comprehend quickly. To have a good vocabulary, “Word Power Made Easy‘ is the best book to start with.


On Amazon (Rs 74/-) it’s cheaper than on it’s Flipkart (Rs 80/-). Again choice is yours. (These rates keep changing now and then)

At Insights, we are giving daily Comprehension Challenges. Reading these two books might help you increase speed and instill confidence in you. All the best.

Just a word of caution: if you buy these books, make sure that you Really finish reading them. Reward is really higher.

PS: Of course one needs a good dictionary as a good friend. We recommend (and the world recommends) “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary” (you can buy this book after reading reviews here or here)