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List Of Free UPSC IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai – (India)

Many UPSC civil services aspirants in India do not know that there are many institutes which give free coaching or subsidized coaching for them. Usually these institutions are either run by the government or by Universities/ Charitable trusts.

We want to provide a list of all such institutes in India. Following list was sent by Sudha from Chennai. We would like aspirants from all major cities in India to send such lists so that it benefits many.

The list should contain only those names of the institutes which are really giving Free Coaching. Please don’t include names of private institutions.

Disclaimer: We are not endorsing any of these institutions. We are compiling a list just for the benefit of poor aspirants who can’t afford costly coaching.


Free Coaching Institutes for UPSC Civil Services in Chennai:


Queen Mary’s College, Chennai – For Women

For Enquiries regarding admissions mail to:



All India Civil Services Coaching Centre


SRM IAS Academy


Crescent IAS Academy