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Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 13

QUESTIONS: 06/11/2013

1. Answer any three of the following questions in about 200 words each:
(a) Examine the origin of the Deccan lavas and describe the scenery associated with it.
(b) Comment on the role of social forestry in the economy of India.

2. “There is a gulf between rainfall statistics and water availability.” Elucidate this statement with reference to the agricultural efficiency of any region in India. (300 Words)

3. What are the factors influencing the localization of industry? Illustrate your answer  with reference to the Iron and Steel industry of India. (300 Words)

4. How far is it true to say that the Indian Ocean is actually and potentially a major focus  of international relations and dispute? (300 Words)

5. Write short notes on the following. Each answer should be in about 200 words:

(a) Characteristics of monsoon forests
(b) Systems approach in Geography
(c) Concepts of nation and state
(d) Theories of agricultural location.