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Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 10

QUESTIONS: 31/10/2013

  1.  “ Extinction of species is an inherent natural ecological process that operates at much larger scale while man-induced extinction is a myth”. Examine this statement in the light of major mass extinctions  in the geological history. (300 words)
  2.  Write a short note on faunal regions, based on their global distribution (200 words)
  3. Provide a broad classification of world cultural regions. (CSM 2009, 300 words)

Map Entries (30 words)

a.  Vypin

b. Divar

c.  Kudankulam

d. Bhaidar

e. Achankovil

f. Kedarnath

g.  Jetpur

h. Noyyal


By – Sujit