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GS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 91

QUESTIONS: 29/10/2013 (Topics: Culture; World History)

  1. Do you agree with the view that the form and content of temple architecture in  south India between AD 750 and AD 1200 were products of specific economic and  political milieu. (200 Words)
  2. Critically examine the main features of the foreign policy off the Nazi
    Germany. (200 Words)
  3. “The perpetuation of the economic malaise was the main cause of the political
    instability of Europe during the next two decades (1919-39).” Explain. (200 Words)
  4. “President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal had the wit to start the political economy in a fresh, more promising direction”. Do you agree ? (200 Words)




Question 1 (Didn’t find relevant online references)

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4