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Insights Weekend Debates – Week Two

This is the second edition of Insights Weekend Debates. Last one was a huge success.

As we posted earlier, the topic for this week’s debate is related to Gender Issues.

The Topic:

Is More Affirmative Action A Solution For Women Empowerment?


Discrimination against women is entrenched in our society. When the society fails them, the state is expected to empower them. Affirmative action is one such tool that promises level playing field to the vulnerable sections of society.

But, does affirmative action help women in their empowerment? What is true empowerment? How far affirmative action can help women? Within women, which women does it help the most – poor or rich? Are there any barriers to implementation of affirmative action? Are most women ready to get the benefits of affirmative actin? Questions are endless.

Or, are there any other tools for their empowerment, more powerful than the affirmative action?

You can debate for or against the motion.

For the rules, click here.

The ‘site’ is yours.