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S&T, Environment- Daily Answer Writing Challenge

QUESTIONS:23/10/2013 (TopicsSpace; Biotechnology)

  1. “The dark energy and dark matter has proved to be elusive for physicist around the world”. Comment. (200 Words)

  2. Highlight the issues associated with the increased patenting in the biological domain especially in the light of recent controversies and verdicts? Do you think patenting biological forms is desirable? Substantiate.  (250 Words)


Question 1

Question – 2

Short Note Questions

Write about the followings in not more than 50 words

  1. Probiotics

  2. Square Kilometer Array

  3. Anti-Doping Administration and Management System(ADAMS)

  4. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System(CCTNS)

  5. Near Field Communication(NFC)


  Write about the following in not more than 20 words

  1. Beema Bamboo

  2. Open Source Drug  Discovery(OSDD)

  3. Bharat Broad Band Project

  4. Green Nylon

  5. Insight Mission