Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events Day-19

DOWNLOAD PDF Questions From The Hindu 19/10/2013 1. Do you think Khap panchayats function within the ambit of the Constitution? If not, what measures have states taken to curb their continued functioning? Critically comment on their unconstitutional nature. (250 Words) Link 2. Skull 5 (50 Words) Link 3. Ravuri Bharadhwaja (50 Words) Link 4. What are the …

Insights Daily Current Events Day – 9 (October 19, 2013)

DOWNLOAD PDF NATIONAL Department of Biotechnology to train professionals on clinical ethics The Department of Biotechnology has collaborated with a PATH (Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health) associate to train professionals on “crisis management in clinical research”. It aims to identify the crisis (sources and route), equip oneself to tackle the crisis, to understand how …

Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (PAPER-II: Topics – 2. Resources – Water; 6. Cultural setting – Population problems..) Assess as to how surface water utilization affects food production and food security in the country. (2010/300 Words) Explain how Demographic Transition created Demographic Divide in contemporary India? (2010/300 Words) References: Question 1 Link Link Question 2 Link 1 (from Newspaper)

Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Paper-I) “Sociology without History is rootless and History without Sociology is fruitless.” Elaborate. (300 Words/2010) “There has been a substantial decline in labour class and increase in labour force in non- manual jobs with the advent of new technological revolution.” Critically examine. (300 Words/2010)  

History – Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 2

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Paper-II: Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule(b); 9.Women and Indian youth and students in Indian politics (1885-1947);14.Dalit movements) “Railway development in India provides an interesting instance of private enterprise at public risk.” Critically evaluate. (200 Words) “The active participation of Aruna Asaf Ali in 1942 movement symbolized the role of women in India’s freedom struggle.” Critically …

GS- Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 83

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Current Events – US Shutdown; Russia’s foreign policy) “The winner in the GOP’s effort to defund or delay implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was the Act itself.” Comment. (200 Words) “A resurgent Kremlin is setting the agenda on major world issues and has become more assertive in its foreign policy …

Public Administration -Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day-4

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Paper- II – Union Government and Administration, Civil Service)  The proliferation of delegated legislation should not pose a problem in the Indian Parliamentary system of government. Critically comment. (200 Words)  Civil Service neutrality is a fiction. How can any thinking person be neutral? (CSE 2010/20 marks/200 Words)