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Ethics Case Study-18:

Ethics Case Study-18: Ethical Dilemma

Sanjay was busy whole year making preparations for his only sister’s wedding. On the day of the wedding, just before Vivah Muhurtam, the parents come to know that Mangalyam is missing. There is a palpable tension around. Sanjay, who is very angry, tells everyone that he would buy one and come back immediately. He had to come within an hour.

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He goes to jewelry shop alone on a bike and buys a Mangalyam. While returning to wedding hall, traffic police stops him as he is not wearing helmet. When inquired police come to know that Sanjay does not possess driving licence too. He has to be there at the wedding hall within 15 minutes. He explains this to police, but they insist that he should pay Rs 2500/- fine.

ethic dilemma, ethics case studies

Sanjay  has only Rs 500 left at the moment in his pocket. He says he has only Rs 500/- and he would pay the fine later. Police say that if he can’t pay the fine he should leave his vehicle with them for now and walk to the wedding hall, and later collect it by paying fine, or he pay Rs 500/- as bribe and go to the wedding hall. He can’t walk as it would take more than an hour. His mobile is ringing incessantly. Even if he asks someone to come and collect managlyam, it would take a lot of time. Going by auto or taxi is also no option as he doesn’t have much time and moreover he can’t see any auto or taxi stand in the vicinity.  If he pays bribe, he can reach on time and save the marriage.

What are Sanjay’s options and which one he should choose?