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New Initiative: Insights Weekend Debates

Debate –  Week One

Last month few aspirants had asked me to start a forum for them to discuss civil services related issues. Now time has come to explore this idea.

A new forum will not be started though, but an alternative idea has struck me.

It will be named ‘Insights Weekend Debates’.

LOGO - Insights Weekend Debates

What is it?

On every Sunday evening, at 6 pm, a topic from current events, but related to the syllabus will be posted and an agenda will be set for the debate. Aspirants, can argue for or against the topic in the comment box.

It will be a live program and will run for 3 hours and after that comments will be closed. Later, a PDF will be provided for your reference containing best ideas put forward by the participants.

Comments will be closed to formally end the debate so that participants would continue with their studies offline.

How it helps?

  • It helps in your Essay preparation. In Essay, you have to include many dimensions and interconnect them. You have to give a balanced view by analyzing good and bad of an idea. This debate will provide you different views on a single topic as, hopefully, many aspirants would participate and share their ideas.
  • This debate will stimulate your thought process to look at a topic from different perspectives.

insights weekend debates, ias debates

The intention behind this initiative?

  • To involve aspirants in meaningful discussions thereby adding value to their preparation.
  • Lots of aspirants waste their valuable time debating issues that are of no use from exam point of view. Here they can debate on issues that matter to society and the world.


  • Comments will be moderated to remove rude and derogatory ones. I will moderate comments and try to keep the debate on track.

I think so far nobody has  tried this initiative on a website. If it succeeds, it will herald a healthy trend of involving the youth in brainstorming about nation building ideas and thoughts.

Compared to an average individual on the streets,  most of you  have good knowledge of socio-economic issues and you are also well aware of national and international events. This factor should make this initiative a successful because informed debate will attract the passive ones to voice their views too.

I hope visitors of this site will participate with enthusiasm. Think again, spending 3 hours debating a issue concerning all of us won’t be a waste of time. You have brilliant ideas and share them with the world. Here, on Insights.

This will start from next Sunday (20/10/2013). Please participate in large number and make it a success.

Looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.