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Ethics Case Study – 15

Ethics Case Study – 15:  Emotional Intelligence; conscience as sources of ethical guidance; Human Values; Moral attitude.

After a year of intense training at LBSNAA , Anil has come to Mukherjee Nagar to meet his close friend Parul who is preparing for civil services. Anil is wearing  squeaky clean white shirt and a costly pant and shoes. Instead of going to a posh hotel, out of nostalgia Anil visits a roadside tea shop to have a cup of tea with his friend who is comfortable with it.

ethics case study, ethics, integrity, human values

A 10 year old boy, who was  cleaning dishes until their arrival,  brings both of them two glasses of tea on his master’s order.  Anil who is on a phone call, unaware of boy standing behind him, accidentally touches the plate carrying tea glasses. Hot tea spills all over his shirt and glasses are broken into pieces on the ground. The owner of the shop, seeing this, beats the boy to a pulp.

What would be your reaction as a human being and as a would be IAS officer if you were in Anil’s place ? (250 Words)