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Ethics Case Study – 12: Emotional Intelligence

Ethics Case Study – 12: Emotional Intelligence

Mukul was a hard working policeman. He married a beautiful girl from his village. Both of them stayed in a house at police quarters.

Mukkul’s boss, Sub-Inspector Sandeep was an arrogant and flirtatious officer. He did not treat his subordinates well. He had an eye on Mukul’s wife ever since he first saw her on the day of Mukul’s wedding. His house was in the neighborhood of Mukul’s. Unlike other superior officers, Sandeep often invited Mukul to visit his home with his wife for dinner and to other get together parties. Mukul had noticed that Sandeep was trying to get closer to his wife by making jokes and giving unsolicited advises.

Sandeep denied Mukul any holidays. Mukul was tired of asking for leave so many times and had even mildly protested once. Sandeep wanted Mukul and his wife to stay  at the quarters all the time.

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Once Mukul wanted a fifteen days of leave to arrange and look after his only sister’s wedding. He had to go to his native with his family for fifteen days. Mukul officially kept asking for leave two months well before the wedding date itself.  But as expected Sandeep kept refusing him any leave. Just before the scheduled day Mukul had to leave for his native, he once again finally asked Sandeep to grant him leave. Sandeep said that he would grant him leave provided he went alone to the marriage leaving behind his wife in the quarters.

Mukul, agitated,  took his loaded rifle  and shot the inspector dead. He then surrendered to the police.

Emotional intelligence is must for police officers to work in a stressful and provocative environment. Explain how would have been Mukul and Sandeep’s behaviour if they had possessed high emotional intelligence?

(Based on a true story)