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Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

Radha was very proud of her father. He was a senior bureaucrat in the state and he was invited to every major functions in Radha’s school and colleges. She used to feel like a star on such occasions. She boasted about her father in her friends’ circle. It was not without reason as her father himself used to tell her his stories of honesty, integrity in administration from his personal experiences.

Radha was a brilliant student in her studies. She had many friends and some enemies too. Ramya was one of those enemies who was jealous of Radha and she constantly searched for an opportunity to hurt Radha with her acerbic taunts. Most of the times Radha avoided encountering Ramya inside the college campus.

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When Radha was in her final year of graduation, just before her final exams, her father was arrested on charges of corruption and was sent to jail. This became a major news in the state and severely affected Radha mentally.

She did not want to write her exams as she felt embarrassed to go to college. But her friends and mother convinced her to give exams as it was very important for her future. As soon as Radha entered college, Ramya met her and started talking sarcastically about Radha’s father that how an honest father got arrested and how Radha had come to write exams in spite of a major crisis in her family. Ramya wryly asked Radha if her father had gone to jail to deliver lecture about honesty and integrity.

One of Radha’s close friends slapped Ramya there itself.

Radha was hurt by Ramya’s comments and not able to control her emotions she rushed out of college crying loudly. That day she did not give her exam. Next day she committed suicide at her home.

In the above example, Radha, Ramya and Radha’s friend who slapped Ramya all have displayed different shades of low emotional intelligence.

Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence? (250 Words)