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Ethics Case Study – 10: Ethics In Personal and Publice Relationships

Ethics Case Study – 10: Ethics In Personal and Public Rrelationships

Sumati loved Ranjan when they both were undergoing training as IAS probationer officers at LBSNAA. After their training, they married each other and were allotted same state cadre.

Both were posted as SDM to two subdivisions in the same district. They both stayed together at the district HQ. The sub division where Ranjan worked was rich in mineral resources and mining was rampant. It was home to many rich people.

Sumati came to know that Ranjan was getting tempted by bribe offers offered by mining barons in the region to overlook certain land related issues. She observed that he was bringing home costly gifts. One day she confronted him but he told her that he was not doing anything illegal and some rich people impressed by his working style were being just very generous in spite of his reluctance to receive anything from them. He was also attending parties thrown by some very rich people in the district.

Sumati was now growing uncomfortable with  Ranjan’s attitude. They both loved each other very much, in fact it was Sumati who had proposed him first.

One day she came to know conclusively that Ranjan had taken bribes from some people. She also comes to know that the favour for which Ranjan has compromised would create a great loss to state exchequer.She is an upright officer and has made herself a good name.

If she takes a drastic step, it might endanger her marriage.

What should Sumati do knowing her husband is involved in graft and her marriage to him might get jeopardized if she takes a drastic step?