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Ethics Case Study – 3 – Ethics In Public and Personal Relationships

Ethics Case Study – 3:

Keshav recently got a job of First Division Assistant in Tehsil (Taluk) office. He is smart and hardworking. Because of which Tehsildar has become fond of him and though he is Keshav’s superior, he has made Keshav his good friend.

Keshav is married to Ramya who is  educated and recently got posted as Panchayat Secretary, incidentally to the Panchayat office located in Keshav’s village itself. Ramya’s mother-in-law is not supportive of her and her job. She frequently taunts Ramya and demands all of Ramya’s salary to be given to her. Though Keshav supports Ramya, he seldom objects to her mother’s remarks to his wife.

A young, male Panchayat member of same Panchayat where Ramya works ,and who wields considerable clout in the village and Tehsil, comes to know that she had ‘illegally’ signed a property assessment certificate and claims that he has documents to prove his claim. The certificate  was obtained by a relative of this Panchayat member who was not in good terms with him. In the past serious fights were taken place between them over this property.

Ramya insists that she signed it only after Panchayat’s bill collector surveyed the property and gave his verbal assurance about the legality of the property in question.  As he was born and brought up in the village and knew matters of the village very well, Ramya had trusted him. Now the Panchayat member is threatening her to take the matter to District Panchayat and get her suspended.

Ramya seeks her husband’s help who is close to tehsildar and who in turn is a close friend of Block Development Officer. Ramya’s mother-in-law is forcing her to quit the job and stay at home, but Ramya wants to be financially independent and pleads her innocence. Keshav is in moral dilemma over the entire episode.

What should be Keshav’s course of action so that he doesn’t compromise his ethics in personal and professional relationships? (200 Words)