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Ethics Case Study – 2 – Honesty and Integrity

Jayanth is a son-in-law of a local MLA and is now posted as block development officer in his father-in-law’s constituency. He comes to know  that MLA’s followers, who are mainly small contractors and many elected members of Gram Panchayat, are hand in glove with local Panchayat officials in misusing MGNREGA funds. He finds that each Panchayat secretary along with elected members have used machines to complete many works under the scheme and siphoned off funds using fake job cards. He also finds out that all this was done at the behest of his father-in-law, the local MLA. Now, the state government has taken cognizance of the issue after a media report and has ordered inquiry into the scam.


Jayanth has to probe the matter and file a report to higher authorities. His father-in-law is pressurizing him to file a false report as he himself is under pressure from his followers, who if found guilty will be slapped with a criminal case. Some contractors have contacted and requested him to not to mention their names in the report in return for a hefty bribe. Some Panchayat secretaries have requested him to spare them as according to them Panchayat members had coerced them into becoming partners in crime. Jayanth is recently married and it is his first government job.

What should be his course of action? (200 Words)