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Shall I Prepare Only For IAS?

It is very strange that  you start groping for a perfect answer to the question– ‘Why you want to be an IAS officer?‘ –the moment when you know you are called for the UPSC Personality Test.

When you start your preparation, you start with much enthusiasm with lots of dreams for the country and for yourself. You will know that IAS gives immense opportunities to do something good for the country, to do something good for your community and to your own family and friends.

IAS has that potential. No doubt about it.

Now a reality check. How many actually get into IAS every year? It used to be 50-60 during 2000-2006, now it is around 150.  Rest of the candidates have to be satisfied with other services. Lifelong.

This is in no way demotivating. It will be demotivating if you yourself have  self-doubts. If you clearly know why you want to be an IAS officer and know what it takes to be an IAS officer, surely, one day you will be there at the top in the Final list of selected candidates.

Unfortunately, some luck also matters in this exam as told by the toppers themselves. And by the ones who deserved eminently but couldn’t make it.

Now the question is: Shall I prepare only for IAS?

Of course Yes. But do have a Plan-B.

Give other exams and if you get a good government job, join it. Continue your preparation with a strong  focus on IAS.

But never prepare for this exam without having a plan-B. Most of them tend to think that having a plan – B shows lack of confidence. But they are wrong. You should be confident about your success and you should also be certain about uncertainties in life.