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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 48

QUESTIONS: DAY – 48 (GENERAL STUDIES PAPER-III, TopicsConstitution – evolution, amendments; India and its neighbours; Parliament – conduct of business)

  1. Is the suggestion that the Constitution should be amplified, by inserting in it provisions relating to matters on which it is silent, or it is left to conventions or the goodwill of those who are to administer those matters respectively, justified? Explain with suitable examples.(250 Words)
  2. “The political future of the countries of Southeast Asia, considered in relation to their economic development and their security, is indissolubly bound up with India’. Critically comment. (250 Words)
  3. Briefly explain the position of various items of business pending before the Lok Sabha at the time of dissolution of the House. (150 Words)




Question – 1

Question – 2

Question – 3