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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 47

QUESTIONS: DAY-47 (GENERAL STUDIES PAPER-IV, Topics: Ports, Food Processing, Biotechnology)

  1. “The increasing trend of Western countries moving their manufacturing functions to low-cost countries, and the likely prospect of India emerging as a manufacturing outsourcing hub, is expected to contribute to the growth of the country’s marine industry” – Has Indian marine industry lived up to the expectation? Critically examine the problems and recent regulatory and policy measures taken by the government to develop this sector. (250 Words)
  2.  “In India, the fragmented and unreliable supply chain corrodes the profitability of food processing sector and makes it unattractive for large investments.” Critically comment. (250 Words)
  3. MucoRice-ARP1 (100 Words)




Question – 1

Question – 2

Question – 3