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UPSC Question Paper-cum-Answerbook Model Question Paper – General Studies – 1 (Paper – II)

From this year’s (2013) UPSC civil services main exam, candidates will be given a Question Paper – cum – Answer booklet which will have a restricted (pre-defined) space below each question/sub-question to write their answers.

To make you familiar with the new answer sheet, I have tried to create a model Question Paper-cum-Answerbook for General Studies Paper- 1 (Art, History, Culture, Society and Geography part).

I have framed many own questions and also have borrowed from previous year question papers strictly related to the new syllabus.

Pre-defined space is provided below each question and its sub parts. Print the paper and try to answer within the space provided. (Space is provided based on a rough guess just to make you acquainted with the new answer sheet format)


Also,  try to answer complete paper as in real exam condition within three hours.

This is mainly for practice purpose.


Download Link:

Question Paper-cum-Answerbook Model Test Paper (General Studies – 1)