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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 23

QUESTIONS ASKED: DAY 23 (11/08/2013)

1)Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.

2)Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India  has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem? (GS 2012)


  1. Anjali Motghare
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    I don’t think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem. Instead of that it helped in building opinion to bring
    out peaceful solution to border problem.If we observe relations in the 21st century are driven by economic interests.

    The China-India boundary question is a problem left over from history. It dates back to 1950′s,and efforts to bring out peaceful negotiations started in 90′s. High level exchanges between two started in 2000′s.

    Since 2003, 15 rounds of talks on the boundary question between the Special Representatives of China and India have held , and made positive progress. The two sides have signed the Agreement on Political Parameters and Guiding Principles for the Settlement of China-India Boundary Question, and reached an 18-point consensus on the resolution framework.

    In 2006 boundary question was included as one of “outstanding issues” in the “Ten-pronged Strategy”. In 2012 both the countries signed the ” Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China Border Affairs. Recently there was flare-up in Depsang area but that was solved within existing mechanisms.

    The current Chinese leadership have a different stance. They have indicated that they would like to move forward as soon as possible. During the recent visit of Defence Minister to China, they agreed to increase both the frequency and number of locations of border personnel meetings held along the LAC.

    Both countries want stability and prioritise economic development,
    so they don’t want to clash with each other.A mutually acceptable agreement requires perseverance and patience and more importantly needs a friendly and favourable atmosphere.

    Trade resulted in strong economic ties which helped to create mutually cooperative and favourable atmosphere between the two countries.

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    1)Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.

    Ans- Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) works in the field of space technology which ranges from research to manufacture of equipment & their operation. The role played by it in making India a space power is huge since due to it’s efforts, India is about to enter the club of countries which have send their astronauts in space that includes US, Russia & China only. Apart from this, a number of satellites have been launched by it, both indigenous & foreign which help in information & technology, remote sensing, climate monitoring etc. It has succeeded in making it’s own substitute for USA’s GPS called IRNSS. It has much improved resolution that can be used for military & intelligence purposes. The DTH services, digitisation of cable networks are also the result of efforts of ISRO. Not only in space, but in society too, services like tele-medicine, tele-education (via satellite) , village resources centres have proved the mettle of ISRO. By sending Chandrayan I on moon, India too touched the heights of space tech.

    ISRO is in continuous development stage. After the success of Chandrayan I, now the preparations for Chandrayan II are going on full thrust. Aftter moon, we are going to explore mars by 2016. Planning is going to send astronaut in space very soon & for that ISRO has already begun the designing of space suits etc. Now the focus is shifting on more & more internation cooperations which will enable technology transfers & will be helpful in handling capital expenditures. Apart from this, It is planning to engage many industries for the manufactuing of equipments. Note only will it benefit the society by creating employment & encouraging new companies in market but will also free the manpower of ISRo to engage in research & development. Launch vehicles are being developed to launch much larger & heavier satellites which will ultimately culminate into better monitoring & e-services.

    No doubt ISRO is the charioteer of the chariot of India’s space program which do not focusses on extravagant space missions but to use the space technology for a hi-tech & socially developed India.

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      your answer is very good but u missed most of the future programs(like satellite launches)except MOON and MARS mission of ISRO and went on to describe the benefits that will accrue from these missions. GSAT 7 for navy, ADITYA for sun, ASTROSAT etc should have been mentioned

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        Thank you for your review. Yes i missed those developments. It becomes tough to recapitulate everything while writing. I will try to improve on that.

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    2)Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem?

    Ans- India & China are having a bilateral relationship of $66 billion. While the economic relation between the two countries are on a rise & are sought to $100 billion in very near future. But the ongoing disputes on border related issues & increasing Chinese assertiveness in south east asia are creative a sense of insecurity & discomfort in the mind of India. But, In my view, China’s emergence as largest trading partner don’t have much effect on settlement of outstanding border disputes.

    The first reason behind this is China’s demonstration of isolation between disputes & economic relations. It has political disputes with Britain & Norway whereas it has territorial disputes with Japan, Vietnam & Philippines. Disputes are not small & has taken the shape of some serious skirmishes. In spite of that, the bilateral trade between China & these nations have only increased in the past 10 years.

    Second reason is the race toward being a superpower. If China betrays India in trade matters not only will it affect one of its largest market in neighborhood but also it will degrade the confidence in investors. At this juncture, China cannot risk that.

    Lastly, India is also growing very fast. With its participation in a number of multilateral groupings like BRICS, ASEAN, SAARC etc India has secured a number of trading partners. India’s service sector is very much developed too which always opens up gates for new opportunities.

  4. Manish
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    Since it’s inception in 1969, ISRO has been committed to its objective to apply advance technologies in real problems of men and society. In last five decades Indian space program has provided many jewels in India’s glory. Today, ISRO is 6th largest government space agency and among the leaders in advance space technologies. It’s INSAT series is one of the largest domestic satellite system in Asia-pecific region. The IRS series is one of the largest constellations of remote sensing satellites in operation.

    It was the vision of father of Indian space program, Dr. Vikram sarabhai, that today India has achieved self reliance and developed the capability of build and launch communication satellites and remote sensing satellites.

    At present, ISRO has polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) and Geo satellite launch vehicle (GSLV) to launch IRS type and INSAT type satellites respectively. ISRO is in final stages of developing GSLV-MK III series vehicles to launch heavier satellites in orbit.

    Under ISRO’s INSAT series, it has currently 10 satellites which application ranging from DTH services, telephone connectivity in remote areas, e-commerce and e-governance through 20,000 VSATs. Kalpana-I is India’s first dedicated meteorological satellite for weather forecast. In 2004, launch of EDUSAT has opened the distance education service.

    ISRO’s IRS series, has 11 satellites for effective management of natural resources. It has application from agriculture to disaster management. ISRO also started village resource centers (VRC) which combines the services of IRS and INSAT to provide tele-medicine, tele-education etc in more than 500 villages of India.

    Today ISRO has established its role in making India a space power. It is a member of UN committee on peaceful uses of outer space. Sensing its progress, even U.S. has removed ISRO from entity list to drive hi-tech trage and forge closer strategic ties. It’s marketing wing Atrix is now among the ‘mini-navratna’ and helped ISRO to achieve self-reliance.

    ISRO is continuing it’s commitment for explore the space and after its successful ‘Chandrayan I’ mission in 2008, it is now being ready for its Mars orbiter mission (Oct. 2013) and Chandrayaan II mission. The GSLV MK III series is in its final testing stages which will make ISRO to carry heavier satellites. It is also developing ASTROSAT, a national observatory for astronomical observations. Finally, ISRO is range of satellites which will be launched in near future.

    To summarize, while the world is being mesmerized and envied by India’s space power ISRO, it is quietly working on it’s commitment to make India second to none in advance space technologies which can be used in solving real problems.

  5. Asha Goud
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    Q Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.

    A: ISRO is India’s national space agency dedicated to attaining self reliance in the field of Space research and development and utilizing technology for development of society. Major areas of activity are developing launch vehicles, satellites, payloads and instruments for the purpose of communication, broadcasting, meteorology, remote sensing and navigation.

    ISRO has achieved excellence in Polar launch vehicle technology through PSLV. PSLV is preferred as a launch vehicle for satellites by many countries because of its precise satellite deployment and low cost. ISRO now ready to launch GSLV with indigenously developed cryogenic engine that would make India capable of launching heavier satellites in higher orbits
    ISRO has developed for India a series of satellites, the INSAT and GSAT series of communication satellite and the IRS series of remote sensing satellites. Communication satellites provide services like telecommunication, broad casting, meteorology and innovative use in field of tele-education and tele-medicine. Remote sensing satellites provide services in field of resource mapping and planning, earth observation, disaster management surveillance. Also ISRO is developing a constellation of 7 satellites that would be similar to GPS but will be dedicated to the Indian subcontinent, therefore reducing India’s dependence on other nations.

    ISRO is working in collaboration with space agencies of USA, France and Russia on various projects. ISRO and NASA have in past collaborated for Chandrayaan 1 and planning future cooperation in Indian Mars mission. ISRO and Russia are working together for development of Chandrayan 2 that includes a lander, rover and a orbiter. India and France have collaborated in development of 2 meteorological satellites, Megha-Tropiques and SarAl that will study tropical climate and various parameters of oceans respectively.

    With all these indigenous developments and bilateral collaborations, ISRO is charting way for India to become a important player is global space research.

    • Asha Goud
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      Q Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem? (GS 2012)

      A: The India China border dispute is a long standing issue. The two share a long boundary that is not demarcated with consensus and both having individual stands. In 1996 mutually agreed LAC was accepted and since then negotiations are being carried out at various levels but with of no avail. In the midst of this the trade relations between India and China increased many fold from $4.8 bn in 2002 to $70 bn at present and both countries are working towards reaching $100 bn mark by 2015.

      It is important here to understand the nature of trade relations between the two countries. China is emerging as India’s largest trade partner. China majorly imports iron ore and raw materials from India, with iron ore consisting of 50% of imports. India on the other hand imports manufactured goods, such as engineering equipments and machinery. Also India is experiencing huge trade deficit of around $30 bn, the issue was also taken up by Indian PM with visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. India should diversify its trade market and decrease its dependence on China. India should utilize its large coastline and advantage of proximity to the South East Asian countries as well as Africa.

      Increasing the trade relations and putting the border dispute in the background is a very pragmatic approach adopted by the two countries. However it must me noted that Chinese military incursions too have increased, with more than 150 reported incursion in last ten months. Chinese authorities provided stapled visa to people from Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. China is therefore becoming more assertive about its stand on the border.

      A healthy trade relation between two countries does help to keep the border negotiations on track but if China emerges as India’s largest trading partner, India might have to soften its stand and therefore India should focus on diversifying its trade market.

  6. Kirthi
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    India and china have significant border disputes and any border settlement might involve significant give and takes. Both countries tend to wait for the right moment favorable to them to settle the issue and meanwhile have instituted talks between special representatives.

    However, the rise of china as the largest trading partner with potential to exceed 100 Bn dollar was taught to provide a solid base to the bilateral relationship, interlink their economies and contribute positively to the relationship that would bring in conducive climate for future border talks
    However nature of the trade with enormous trade balance in favor of china, with 40 Bn dollar deficit at a time when india is fighting on widening CAD and macro economic stability, rising inflation, subdued global demand remained worrisome. The nature of trade with china resembles that of colonial era where india is supplier of raw materials and imports cheap manufactured articles in return which is unsustainable. Non trade Barriers to IT in name of security, Pharmaceuticals, phyto sanitary conditions on agricultural commodities etc. shows unwillingness on part of china to lessen the deficit..

    Though china,by and large, doesn’t mix political border dispute and settlement issues with trade evident from trade with Japan, Vietnam, phillipines etc, the nature of trade and deficit therein between India and china instead of contributing positively in the overall bilateral relationship and help the border settlement process has become an irritant in itself in the relationship.

    China emergence as largest trading partners, by and large, did not adversely affect the border problem and border settlement might depend mainly on the level of political commitment rather than on economic interdependencies.

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    Q Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.
    ISRO is the pioneering space research institution of the modern India which shoulders the responsibility of design, production and development of launch vehicles, propulsion systems and satellites. It has been instrumental in bringing India on par with industrialized arena in the space arena through its PSLV and GSLV models and successful missions. Its success can be gauged from the fact that it recently launched the 100th satellite mission in a short period of about 40 years.
    The success story lies with the growing attractiveness of India as a satellite launching junction with more countries looking forward to join hand in different areas. It had developed and launched many significant satellites from remote sensing which helped in data collection to providing services such as telecommunication, broadcasting etc through its geosynchronous base. It also launched mission to moon to collect data about the origin and evolution of moon. Its propulsion system is in advanced stage of development. The recent launching of Indian regional navigation system has brought it to elite group of nations. The success of re entry vehicle will provide India with much needed manned missions.
    The ISRO had many operations in pipeline with much awaited Chandrayaan II mission to moon and Mars orbital in near future. Further it is planning to launch the 6 more regional navigation satellites which will make India capable of indigenous navigation and increase its defense capability. In addition to that, ADITYA which is poised to study Sun; an exclusive satellite navy is in conduit. It has been working on producing its 3 stage cryogenic propulsion system that will reduce India’s dependence on other country for heavy satellites. Other missions include ASTROSAT, GAGAN payloads etc
    The success of ISRO is both historic and contemporary and its future missions will bring India as sense of security, pride and scientific advantage in this competitive world.

  8. Sudha
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    Do you think that China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India has adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem? (GS 2012)

    Indo China border dispute has been in history for decades. Despite that both the developing economies opted for Bilateral cooperation on trade through several institutional mechanisms which led to the emergence of china as the largest trading partner. Instead of having a setback in settling border issues, the urge to attain economic significance made both the countries to negotiate on peaceful terms to settle their border issues on LAC though minor disputes like intrusion into Ladakh region arises.

    The objective to reach $100billion Bilateral trade by 2015 will act as a motivating force to settle the border disputes in a fast pace which china has openly stated to move forward in settling the issue at the earliest. Recent developments like opening Nathula pass after decades to trade efficiency and appointing Special Representative’s to resolve and negotiate border issues is a positive move.

    The close ties of China’s neighbours including Japan, Vietnam and Philippines with US and India’s autonomic foreign policy with China will pave way for a good future between the nations. Though, India should be careful with the trading patterns of china as 21st century wars will be on economy and diplomacy. An informal boycott of Japanese products by china is a strategic move on the border problem with the former which India can avoid in future by not depending more on Chinese market alone. Hence the growing trade deficit of $29 billion with china needs attention.

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      Please provide your valuable feedback.

      • Anjali Motghare
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        Sudha good point trade target of 100 billion will motivate to solve border dispute early.
        But you have to prove your stance with more points, which u missed.

        • Sudha
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          Thanks Anjali. Yes on reading other answers I realized that. Also I am finding it bit difficult to prioritize and compress many information in the word limit. Please keep providing feedback to improve :)

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      Liked the different take in your answer. But your opinion is not clear here – whether you think China’s emergence as India’s largest trading partner affects border dispute settlement or not. This question explicitly demands your opinion – yes or no – to be registered.

      • Sudha
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        Thanks Insights. Yes I should have done that :) I was about to say that it dint affect till now but should make sure the same continues in the future. But ya dint put it up clearly. Thanks :) Please let me know whether the structure or any other improvements I should concentrate on

  9. Amudhan
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    Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.

    Upon Independence the Sub-continents with a majority illiterate population and dismal progress on industrialization still decided to pursue space research. It was founded not on lofty ideals of competing with the developed nations but with the belief that space technology would be useful to the country in its developmental progress.
    As such ISRO’s contributions to the nation have been pragmatic in nature including satellites INSAT satellites for use in telecom, broadcasting and use for the IMD. IRNSS-1A is a navigational satellite and IRS for earth monitoring. ISRO’s played its role in package delivery and in development and deployment of these satellites being a critical component of this nation’s progress.
    The notion of India being a ‘space power’ is still to realize itself. Pundits have however noted the use of ‘Space diplomacy’ with smaller nation but in relation to the levels of the US and China we are yet to yet match them in Man missions to space and Lander technology. However the ISRO does have a vibrant plan to realize its potential to be ‘space power’. India is partnering with Russia to send a Lander to mars with the Russian providing the Lander and India providing the launch vehicle. In Oct/Nov 2013 there is a proposed mission to orbit Mars and we are also in progress towards making a successful GSLV launch which would reduce our dependence on foreign nations. We also have a ‘Human Space Flight’ Program which is still under development as well as GSLV III.

  10. Amudhan
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    Do you think China’s emergence as one of the largest trading partner of India has adversely affected the settlement the outstanding border dispute?

    The outstanding border dispute problem preceded India’s and China’s economic interactions. This emergence has likely strengthened the chance of a border settlement in the future due to increased interactions highlighting the interdependence of both nations and a need to find a peaceful solution.
    After the 1962 war, the ‘border dispute’ was unequivocally recognized and an equilibrium of sorts has been maintained over time. When the new Chinese leadership took over last year they were eager to settle the border dispute and renew India-China relationship on condition to meet them ‘halfway’. There has been a tacit compliance by both countries to functionally separate political and economic interactions and realize the benefits for both countries in each separately. Even in this de-linked scenario progress made in one field allows for improvement in the other. Consider the ‘India-China Strategic economic dialogue’ as a stepping stone for the ‘working mechanism for consultation and co-ordination’ between India and China that recently resolved incursions on Depsang.
    One can appreciate the progress on one field creating an environment for progress in another reducing the trust-deficit and historical transgressions by both nations. Increased economic co-operation has also increased the need for peace to play a central part in conflict resolution. Trade breeds a substantial population of peoples in both countries that require a peaceful resolution. Therefore the emergence of China as the largest trading partner has positively affected the outstanding border dispute.

  11. lrlevin
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    1)Comment on the role of ISRO in making India a space power and briefly explain on its proposed initiatives for the future.

    Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the space agency of India, has been instrumental in augmenting India’s space power and facilitating her to join the Elite group of Space power Nations like the USA, Russia, EU, Japan and China.
    Established in 1969, the ISRO, till today has launched more than 100 mission starting from Aryabhatta to recent launches like Kalpana-1, Cartosat, Oceansat, Mega tropiques, SARAL, Risat, INSAT series of satellites, etc.
    Chandrayan-1, the first Moon orbiter, requires a special mention which brought worldwide fame to our country. Chandrayaan-2 is to follow soon.
    Currently ISRO is working with GAGAN project which is a GPS based Navigation system to improve the Navigation of Aircrafts.
    Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is an autonomous regional satellite navigation system being developed by ISRO under which plans are to launch a constellation of satellites. The first IRNSS satellite IRNSS-1A was launched in july 2013 and the remaining 6 satellites are to be launched by 2014.
    ISRO plans to undertake 58 missions, 25 launch vehicles and 33 satellites, during the 12th Plan
    The future projects of ISRO include
    1. Mangalyaan – The mars orbiter which is set to be launched in Nov 2013 to study the Mars environment and about the possibility of life there
    2. Aditya-1 – This mission is to study the solar Corona in visible and IR range and Coronal mass ejection of the Sun. Planned in 2015-2016
    3. Astrosat – It’s the first Astronomy satellite mission of India for multi-wavelength observation of celestial bodies and cosmic rays. Planned in 2014
    ISRO is not just a space agency for India, it’s a “Pride House”

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    Insights sir… Please give your comment.

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      Your answer is again good. You have stuck to word limit. Structure is there. Mention of how India is becoming hub for space products and services marketing (global context) is missing. I understand one can not remember all points while writing. Good going

      Keerthi Narayan

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      1. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is our country’s pioneer organisation involving in space research. From being dependent on Russia for launch vehicles, to launching foreign satellites like SARAL through its own satellites, it has grown consistently from its inception in 1972. However, whether it has made India a space power is a matter of debate.

      ISRO has made significant contributions to the country’s growth through its various satellite systems and launch vehicles. Its major projects are
      1.Placing Earth Observation Satellites
      2. Placing Communication Satellites
      3. Space Observation Missions
      4. Launch Vehicle Developments

      In these areas, ISRO has achieved significant milestones. India has the largest set of remote sensing satellites. In Communication satellites, it has been successful in putting GSLV mark 1 & 2 type of satellites in geo stationary orbits. However it has failed so far in attaining similar success in .heavier communication satellites. It is still dependent on France’s Arianne launch vehicle for placing such satellites.Recently IRNSS, a navigation satellite was launched successfully through themore consistent workhorse PSLV. Regarding space missions, Chandrayaan 1 was a successful venture which raised the prestige of ISRO among world nations.

      Future Projects:

      ISRO is involved in developing GSLV mark 3 since last few years. It is set to take a GSAT satellite in August 2013. It is trying to repeat the success it attained in PSLV missions. Besides ISRO is also planning for a MARS orbiter mission in 2013. There are plans for manned missions to space as well but at a rudimentary stage.

      Though the achievements of ISRO are remarkable, it cannot be said to have made India as a space superpower. Nations have attained far higher milestones like placing space stations operating for years, development of more robust, reliable space shuttles, manned missions to moon and space, development of advanced navigation and communication satellites on their own etc. Considering all these facts, ISRO has a long way to go.

      2. The India China border issues are yet to be resolved and a clear both countries agreed, demarcated border has not yet been established. However, the emergence of China as India’s largest trading partner is not the cause behind this.

      China’s trade with India has reached around $60 billion and both the countries want to take it upto $100 billion. This makes China India’s largest trading partner. However, this emergence is a recent phenomena largely arising out of the remarkable growth of India and China post 1990s. Whereas, India’s border issues with China have a history of about 50 years.

      The major reason behind the border issues being unsettled is the attitude of China and the complicated nature of the issue itself. China has repeatedly mentioned that border issues with India are a ‘complex’ issue and not to be settled in a quick manner. Moreover, there is no agreed border between the two nations. China accuses India of unilaterally changing its map in the disputed area of Jammu and Kashmir. India claims that the Himalayas are its natural boundaries and the regions under dispute has been traditionally and historically part of India.

      Though bilateral trade is mutually benefitting and both India and China are not ready to let the trade volume go down because of diplomatic issues, this is not the major reason for the unresolved lingering border issues.