How To Get Over UPSC Prelims Failure?

And come August, the results are out! After a year’s preparation and going out to write the exams, this is where it boils down to – the first round of results. Although I wish each one would clear, it always is a law of numbers and there would be a few unfortunate ones who don’t make it. The question is how to get over this?! The so called “FALIURE” always seems to loom large.

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day – 14

Are you Ready for Insta 75 Days Revision Plan (UPSC Prelims – 2020)? Get Ready for  UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2020 with Insights INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan! QUESTIONS ASKED- DAY 14 (02/08/2013) 1) “It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from the O.B.C.s and the scheduled caste and now …