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Some Info On Nuclear Power Generation

Guest Article – V.Paulraj (Aspirant)

Some Info Regarding the Nuclear Plant / Power production options.

You may be aware of the following statistics:

Japan which always lacked natural resources imports almost 95% percent of the energy needs.(Petroleum products/ Coal etc)

US and China produce almost 70 % of their energy needs.

India imports almost 70% of the required energy needs(petroleum products like Crude Oil and Gas)

Japan being a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and vocal global proponent for curbing green house gases had been promoting energy policy that strives for achievement of 3 E’s.

1. Energy security
2. Environment(or climate change mitigation)
3. Economic efficiency(lowering cost for energy)

However, this is not all that easy to achieve.

Promotion of renewable energy is good for energy security and climate change mitigation but tends to be more costly.For this reason Japan had been promoting Nuclear energy option as a key for achieving 3E’s.

Now take the case of Indian states. Most of the Indian states are having shortage of energy. So, we have no option but to go for Nuclear energy.

In Tamilnadu, the Kudankulam nuclear plant will produce power from its first Nuclear reactor within a month. The second reactor will become operational within another 9 months. It is to be noted that the cost per unit(Kwhr) will work out to be Rs 3.5 only whereas if the Govt. wants to buy from private companies, it has to pay Rs.12 to 15 per unit.
As of now, the southern states like TN,AP,Karnataka and Kerala will get some share from this much awaited nuclear power plant.
All these four states are having power shortage to the tune of 17 to 20% as of now.

The safety aspects also has been addressed elaborately by the Nuclear power corporation prior to starting this unit.

Note: The common public in the vicinity(fishermen and others) are wondering how they are producing without a chimney / smoke coming out and without much noise(pollution).
Of course they people are innocent and they have been misguided by disgruntled element in past one year by agitating against this Nuclear power plant.