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Which Laptop Or Netbook Is Best For Study Purpose For UPSC Exams Aspirants?

These days, search for a piece of information often ends with googling it on Google. For a serious IAS aspirant, knowing more and better about latest developments happening around the world in various fields is a sine qua non if he/she has to score well in the exam.

Internet is indispensable if an aspirant wants to be ahead of the times and race.

These days internet can be accessed via many sources, but for an IAS aspirant, smart phones or internet cafe are not the options at all. A proper laptop or a netbook is important for many reasons.

  • To easily prepare notes (Copy and Paste from News Sites)
  • To enroll into various online Test Series and study their materials (PDF stuff)
  • To write, manage a blog and air your opinion on all issues (relevant to exam)
  • Of course to search for information all the time and to store it conveniently
  • To steal e-books (ya, unethical)

For these purposes, one need a portable laptop with long battery life. Normal laptops with large screens start losing their battery life soon. After an year and half, you need to plug them to socket  forever  to use them.

They are bulky and costly too. Many times, the purpose is also lost – many use them for entertainment than for study purposes.

Then which laptop/netbook is best for a serious IAS aspirant?

You need a sturdy, cheap, long-lasting, with good battery life, light weight and portable machine. I have been using a Samsung Netbook for last 4 years now. It still gives 2 hours battery back up and is in solid condition.

Four years ago, I bought it for Rs 15,500/- with only 160GB Hard-disc capacity, 1GB RAM (Atom) and pre-installed Windows-XP – All this configuration, these days appears anachronistic. (anyway, now they don’t have this laptop)

To write this article I researched online for many laptops, netbooks and tablets – after scouting many top Tech Blogs, News sites (for reviews) and e-Commerce sites, I have zeroed on this beast – Acer Aspire V5 – 121 Netbook with the configuration of,

2/4 GB DDR3 RAM,

500 GB storage,

APU Dual Core processor, AMD 1 GHz speed (it is equal to Intel 2 GHz)

11.6 inch HD screen

5 Hrs Battery back-up.


Acer Aspire V5 -121 Netbook

Read the review of this Netbook as one Buyer put it:

If your needs are Surfing the net or watching HD clips on youtube, Watching HD Movies, Listening to music, Working on office documents such as excel PowerPoint, Editing Photos using photoshop etc, and you need a laptop that is ultra small, light, portable …then this is surely the one. This laptop comes with 500gb of hard drive, 4 gb ram and a HD ATI Rad. gfx card which makes you experience far better than any other laptop. Some points to note:-

1. I had a 1.6 ghz duel core asus netbook before this but the performance of this with a 1ghz clocked to 1.3 is way faster than intel’s atom

2. Always remember, whatever AMD’s GHZ the processor is, it is always double of that in an Intel. For example, this one is 1.3 ghz so the performance is the same as a 2.6 ghz processor of an Intel chip.

3. The price is very cheap as all other brands such as Lenovo, Sony etc are all giving worse configuration than this that too at a higher price.

4. These AMD processors do not get hot as other conventional AMD processors. They really stay cool at around 35 degrees.

5. Comes with Windows 8 which is the best OS Microsoft has created till now. It shuts down in less than 10 seconds and boots up to your desktop just under 15 sec.

6. Comes with LED screen

7. Resolution serves 1366 X 768 that too in High Definition

Anyway, I highly recommend this to every one who is looking for a laptop. Nowadays there is no point getting a bigger laptop.”

Compared to bulky, costly laptops out there, this product from Acer beats them all.

Final verdict is buying  Acer Aspire V5 – 121 Netbook will be a good option considering various needs of students and candidates appearing for competitive exams, especially UPSC civil service exam.

Most importantly it is very cheap!. This product is worth every penny.

You can buy it from Flipkart