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Free E-Book On The Indian Art And Culture – For The UPSC Civil Services Exam

In Paper-I General Studies, the very first topic is on Indian art, literature and architecture from ancient to modern times. I found an e-book that covers Indian art and culture from 1300 to 1900 i.e, roughly from Sultanate period to late British rule.

This book is published by the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York. City – largest art museum in the United States.

There are many books in the market which cover this part, mainly Spectrum Publication’s Facets of Indian Culture which is preferred by many. But this book doesn’t contain any graphic representation of Indian art forms. The following book immensely helps in this regard. It should be read along with Spectrum’s book.

There is another book called Gazetteer of India, Volume-2 – History and Culture, very useful but  out of print these days. (courtesy – Publication Division of India)

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India – Art and Culture 1300-1900 (Download From Here)